Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Update on custom baby Arianna

The above picture is the big baby, Arianna as she was last week. I have finished her paint (except for her eyebrows). She has painted hair and is now ready for real angora hair.

Her eyes are set and glued in.

And her painted hair will be a lovely addition to her rooted hair.

Such a sweet sweet baby!

I have also finished the paint on a 10" Aston Drake Emily that is a custom order as well. I hope to have pictures of her soon! I am waiting for her body and outfit to arrive.

Nursery Notes for today:

I will start a new Arianna for eBay and a small, 5" Berenguer custom order. I am excited about this little dolly as I have not reborn one of these little ones for probably a year. They are fun to creat and dress!

Have a great Wednesday~we are on our way to the weekend!

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  1. Love your Arianna. Mine is sitting here ready to be painted but not brave enough to try a toddler. Not sure how to do the colouring for a 1yr old.