Monday, August 31, 2009

It must be Monday! Woke up thinking of goats!

Please meet Glory. She is a coming yearling angora goat. Her first clip fiber was just about the most amazing mohair I have ever worked with. Her second clip, this last spring, was gorgeous as well but so hard to comb through at the cut end of the locks that I did not keep her hair. That was a very, very sad thing for me.

But this is how Glory is looking this summer. My goat raiser, Sue, and I are VERY excited about her fall clipping. It may not be long enough for me to purchase but by the spring, we hope her fiber is beyond excellent. We had both, at one time, decided that Glory needed to be removed from the farm because that second clip was so matted at the cut end of the lock. But Sue just had a feeling that Glory should stay around for a while. It is looking like Sue made the right choice.

If Glory's hair will be as wonderful as it is looking now, then Glory should produce some fabulous offspring with amazing hair. I am looking forward to her generations to come!

**************Nursery Notes******************

Today I will finish the paint on the last baby for this weekend's show. It is a good thing that she has a small head to root! I will also finish the paint on baby Jena's legs too.

I have been putting together the things I will need for the show this weekend. I do not want to forget anything and lately, if I leave things for the last minute, I do forget a lot of things!

Several babies from my collection will be accompanying me on the trip. I have started gathering clothes and packing their suit case.

Have a wonderful Monday!

And that's all I can think of to share today!


  1. Oh my goodness Glory is just beautiful!!
    I wish I lived in an area where I could raise some goats like her.
    Good luck with your show this weekend be sure to take lots of Pics!!
    Dessa Rae

  2. She looks amazing! Best of luck on the show!