Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Zasha Prototype WIP day 3~stuggling with the camera!

I really ran out of time last night and had to quickly take these pictures. It was a bit later than the last 2 nights I've photographed Zasha and the evening sun was shining through the crack in the blinds distorting the light in the room That sun was intense!
Anyway, these are not purely accurate~He is not as dark as the dark pics show. Let's hope for better pics tonight~and hope that I am finished painting tonight!

I've yet to add the blues, greens, veins and highlights to him and I have to work on the finger and toe creases and nails yet. He's getting close though!

IN other NEWS:

I have 34 pounds of mohair arriving today! WHOOOO! It is always like Christmas to me when new mohair arrives. I didn't make it to the farm this spring so the farm is coming to me :)

And, there are still a few days left to register for the IRDA conference and classes.
Click on logo to access the site:

We have added a few tickets for just the first day of my LDC painting class for those who desire to take my class on Friday and then any other classes on Saturday. (My class is a 2 day class but one can gain a lot and feel very confidant using LDC paints after just one day~Friday).

I would love to see you in Walnut Creek! I'll be arriving the afternoon of May 31 and leaving the morning of June 7th.

Sweet Suzon found a new mommy last night and will be catching her flight to Norway in the morning!

Have a stellar Wednesday (it's my Friday and the weekend should be nice! We actually had 3 inches of snow on Monday!)



  1. Wow, his lips are amazing!!! And congrats again on Suzon! How exciting that she's going to Norway. :)

  2. Love the newest babe...adorable!!