Tuesday, May 3, 2011

STILL rooting hair on Suzon

I am not sure I will EVER get her done! Today will be day three in a row of rooting all day and all evening (plus what I did the end of last week). I am sure my arms are going to fall off!

I've got a lot more done than shown here~just trying to cram and get her done so I have not updated pictures. I am around the back on her left side (shown right here) and today will come around on the her right side to the back. I suspect I won't be able to finish the very back today but I should be able to finish it tomorrow if I still have arms attached!

I learned a huge lesson while working on her:

When rooting with light colored hair, do not paint hair underneath...at least do not do what I did and "practice" painted hair using some thicker strokes to create more depth and texture. My plan was to root her sparsely yet have nice curls like in these pictures but upon playing with her hair the day after these were taken, I realized that when parting the hair for pig tails, the thicker strokes are very obvious and make it appear that there are a lot of gaps. I could see the hair rooted nicely down the parts from the back but from the front, it looked like she had no hair in the parts at all! So I had to go back and root thicker....starting all the say from the front! That took me an entire day/evening to complete. Had I not painted the head with hair at all, this would not have been a problem.

She will be worth the wait anyway.


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