Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Zasha Prototype WIP day 2

WARNING: Anatomically correct "nakie" picture below

Awe...Zasha is coming along nicely.
I failed to say that I am using Genesis Heat Set Paints on this baby. I'll post some colors I used under the last picture.

I think today that I need to darken his limbs a little bit. There is not enough change in color between his hands & feet and the limbs. And of course I must add a lot of darkness to the creases on the fingers and toes and be sure to bring that darkness down into the nail bed as seen on real ethnic babies.

And darken some area's on his face/head. The belly plate is looking great~I'm happy with that so far.

For the first color wash on Zasha, I used Genesis Burnt Umber and Mars Black and kept it very thin with Genesis Thinning gel.

As I worked on all parts, I used the same color to start darkening the creases and folds and then switched to an even darker mixture (added more Mars Black) to continue work on the creases, folds and other darker details such as brows. I have much work yet to do on the creases and folds on the hands and feet.

For the second color wash, I lightened the first color wash using Flesh 02 and added just a touch of Phthalo Blue 02. Again, I applied a very thin wash.

Going back to the first color wash, I darkened the head where the hair will be and finalized the brows (for now anyway!).

I can't really tell you all of the colors I used on the lips. Lips are such an intense art! I have a pallet that I work from and I just blend this and that and the other thing and keep applying different colors in different ways until I am happy with the results. I can't say that I am done with the lips just yet. I will get to a point where I can only say, "I am done" and then....I will be done with the lips.

I used a little bit of Genesis Red in a few areas on his face.

For the nails, I applied several layers of thinned Dioxazine Purple 04 and then I combined the Dioxazine Purple 04 with Genesis Glazing Gel and applied two more layers. This gives a lovely, natural sheen and also created textured lines as seen in real nails.

There should be a lot of change in this little man today. One of my business page Facebook followers noticed a difference in skin texture between Zasha and my other dolls. Isn't that interesting? I assured her that I am using Genesis paints on Zasha and that the texture will come later. I have to admit, in my eyes too, I don't like the texture or the lack of depth so far! That will change though with more layers.

Have a fantastic Tuesday!

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