Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun Doll Forum

I'm having a bit of blog block again today. I think my mind is just focused on getting this mohair processed, continuing Zasha's rooting (oh my it's looking awesome and this vinyl roots SO nice!) and preparing my class for my departure in 6 days.

So, Doll Fan was on my mind today. I've tossed up a couple of posts over the weekend/first of this week and you know, there are just some really fun days on that forum.

So if you need some time to "veg", go to Doll Fan and take a peek around. It is totally free to "lurke" as we call it. You can access all forum boards and posts except for the one private to members only board. You cannot post there until you become a member. Membership is just $1 though. That's a lot of bang for $1.



  1. Membership is not $1 anymore. When I joined last year it was $20. Maybe grandfathered older memberships are $1 but not for newbies.

  2. Really? I did not know that. Thank you for clearing that up. Is that for the year? (I did join back in 2007)