Monday, May 2, 2011

Victory for America!

I realize I am standing on fragile ground with this post but I cannot let this day go by without confirming the historical fact that on May 1, 2011, America claimed victory in regards to the September 11, 2001 attacks on Her soil.

Even though I realize that this does not bring an ending to the war, and in fact, it is almost guaranteed that the death of Osama Bin Laden will heighten it, thas been a long and emotional journey for me. I will still need days to process all that I feel as the images of That Day play over and over again in my mind. I remember clearly how That Day began and how That Day progressed. I remember every site and sound of That Day. I remember what I was doing on That Day. I remember the pain I felt for America.

I remember watching and waiting for find out what President George W. Bush would order and I remember waiting for that first ground strike. I was staying at the hospital with my very sick adult daughter, and caring for her newborn daughter.

Both my husband and son were serving in the Military and we began to prepare for their deployments.

And the images played over and over and over again in my mind~those images of the heartbreak of loved ones lost during the Twin Towers attacks. I live on the West Coast of America, no where near Ground Zero, yet my heart was there in a very big way. And it still is.

Many are upset with America celebrating. Even Americans are upset about America celebrating. I feel that the celebration is not about the death of the man. It is about the victory that the death of the man brought.

If I were closer, I would be at Ground Zero today....heck, I would have been at Ground Zero last night. I would celebrating for the justice that was brought for the people who lost so many innocent lives.

"When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous but terror to evildoers." Proverbs 21:15

My father named me Deborah. Not Debra, but Deborah, after the Deborah of the Bible. She was a judge~she had a passion for justice. I guess I am a lot like, I don't guess, I KNOW I am a lot like her. I love justice and I love my country and I do have joy over this victory.

And with that, I will end with a YouTube video by

Toby Keith

I don't usually strike out in such a way, but this is my country; I love it and love the protection of it!

Justice is served and victory is won. America, stay tuned for what is next.

God bless America and those who serve it.


  1. Yes, especially those who serve and those who have given their all defending her.


  2. And all I can say is AMEN!!