Sunday, May 1, 2011

Various babies on eBay

A few eBay auctions came across my desk in the last couple of days that I want to share.

I'll start with an auction for one of my babies that is up for resale.

~Sweet Stuff Prototype #1~

Tiina Hoddy of Piccolissimo Baby Boutique purchased Sweet Stuff in early 2010 to use a model for her clothing boutique and is ready to bring in a new model.

Sweet Stuff does not have a reserve on her so someone might be able to pick her up for a really great price.

And then one of my sweet friends listed her darling reborn, Mackensie created from the Anastacia sculpt by Dee Stastny. I think she is super sweet and beautiful!

And finally, I just have to share Tinkerbell Nursery's latest ended auction.

~LOOK at the ending bid!~

It is so exciting to see auctions like this so there were many of us watching it. Congratulations to Helen for a nice sale on a beautiful baby!

Have a blessed day!


  1. I read that right, didn't I?? 10,172-----Dollars, American dollers!! Golley Gee Whizz !!! She must be over the moon and the economy must be recovering!! May Suzon bring you such success, I would bid that much, if I had it!! You know I WOULD!! aND SWEET STUFF IS TOO CUTE. sigh Hope your day is as sunny as mine. Hugs


  2. YES Maam, you sure did read that right! Isn't that AWESOME?!?!?!?