Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sharing my collection Friday~on Saturday! Matthew Celebrates..

Horsie Scout's Birthday!

I made the little cakes for Scout and his pasture pals out of Quaker Oatemeal, shredded carrots and molasses. Scout was not too fond of the taste though....

So he shared with Toby:

Matthew was so glad to finally get out to the pasture this spring. He greeted Scout with birthday wishes....

and gave Scout a birthday scratch...

AND he had such a thrill getting to "ride" this big boy for the first time:
(If you know about sizes of horses, Scout is 16.2 hands high and weighs 1255+ pounds)

But you know who Mattew was REALLY anxious to see? Yes, that's right...HIS horse, Toby:

It was a long, LONG winter! Baby and horse were happy to be together again.

The birthday boy was happy to have little Matthew off his back as you see....he needed a nap!

Happy 6th Birthday beautiful Scout. Thanks for the 6 yrs of joy you have given us.


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  1. Scout is Beautiful, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!