Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prototype Suzon is now available on eBay

You must SEE Suzon's picture story auction!

~Enjoy the story here~

Wow what fun I have had with her! I've left her standing by the crib in the nursery and I have to tell you, I will miss her presence!

This is truly a great kit. Everything about her is wonderful. And to add to the bonus, the kit comes with a perfect-for-her body and you can purchase a custom armature that was made just for her. Laura tells me that this armature has the section that goes into the head which will allow for greater posing options. My sweet girl does not have the custom armature as it was not ready when I created her. (She has an armature, just not the custom made one.)

The Suzon kits are due in in the next couple of weeks:

~Order Suzon kit and Armature here~

I am thrilled with Suzon. I hope you enjoy the story!

Onward-forward! Today I'll process some mohair and begin work on a custom Angelica. I'll have to put her aside after today as there is a new prototype on the way....



  1. Debbie , Suzon is adorable you have out done yourself! I specially love her eyebrows they are perfect the shape and color are so natural. Did you use LDC paints if yes what color did you use? I must know, I love them! Best of luck with your auction.

  2. Wonderfull creations reborn babies

  3. Anonymous,
    Thank you. I did use LDC paints over a sculpted layer of Genesis Matte Varnish. I can't tell you what colors as I did not write them down. I paint like I cook...a little of this and a little of that, and each time I paint I change colors up by blending different colors. Trick is to great eyebrows is to use several different colors for definition. Sorry I can't be more help than that.