Monday, May 16, 2011

Zasha Prototype WIP day 1

I began work on Zasha Prototype by Claire Taylor yesterday. I will be making my Zasha an anatomically correct ethnic boy! I just love baby boys!

Zasha is a unisex name so I will keep the sculpt name since he is a prototype.

Here are his first pictures after day one. There is much to do yet but isn't watching the progress fun? It is good for me to step back and evaluate him in pictures too.

I love how the fingers on this kit are not "webbed"~terrific! This baby has a lot of sculpted details.

LOOK at these beautiful feet!!
The Zasha kit by Claire Taylor is available for PREORDER now and is a limited edition.

I'm excited about day 2 on Zasha!

Hugs for Monday XXOO

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