Friday, May 20, 2011

Sharing my collection Friday~NEW BABY Annie!

Oh boy! I got a new baby! Suzon is going to help me open up the box.

"What is in there??" she says.

"Ooohhh, some extra clothes!"

"And a beautiful widdle baby foot!"

"A lovely head of brown hair..." (rooted beautifully and uncombed in this picture)

"AWE! It's a BABY!"

"She is so sweet!"

Please welcome the first Elisa Marx sculpt (Phyllis) to my collection. I have named her Annie Allyssa and simply adore her!

She came in this cute jogging suit so she went with me on the March of Dimes walk that I did last weekend. She was such a good baby and everyone loved her and thought she looked so real.

I've not done her official photo shoot yet. Just have not had the time, but I'm dying to as a new, GORGESOUS Will Beth dress came in the mail for her the other day.

Maybe tomorrow I can find time to play some.


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  1. She is gorgeous!! Congrats on your new addition!