Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Uh Oh! I told you the WRONG size armature for Kristaleta!

But it wasn't MY fault! LOL

When I showed Laura Tuzio Ross pictures of my Kristaleta she was puzzled that her legs seemed so far apart plus, I told her that I had to adjust the length of the arms and legs. That puzzled her as well. She said her's fit perfectly.

She had ordered another armature from the same company and it arrived yesterday and it was MUCH larger than the first one she had.....she has originally ordered the 27-28" armature but THOUGHT it was the 28-30"~that is why mine did not fit as well as her original one did.

So here is the correction: For Kristaleta, order the 27-28" armature from Kemper Dolls


I am going to place my order right now :)

~Dubai News~
Yesterday I received my information email regarding the show, accommodations and artist questionnaire. Once I fill that out and send it back, I will receive my contract and then my flight will be purchased.

Oh and my work hours for the show??? 5pm-10 pm! I am sooo excited about that! Those are my PRIME hours where I function the best in life and I have the rest of the day to explore Dubai! Wowweeee....this is such a dream! I MUST be dreaming, right???


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