Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kristeleta paint is finished! And..a custom is done too!

I think I've said this before...I am so in love with Kristaleta! She is such a fun baby and I love how her color has turned out!

She will have dark blonde can see just a sprig of it that I tucked under the headband. I've painted hair strokes as well.

This baby is going to be so much fun to photograph! The armature in her makes her so full of expression and she has the cutest bum ever! LOL

I definately won't be using a black background for her pics though~it does not do her justice!
Look at those chubby legs!

And this little custom Claire is completed. She's been done for several days but...she's not going home just yet.

Her mommy, my sweet friend, Sharon, has offered to let me take her to Dubai for display...even for sale if I desire to sell her (then make Sharon a new baby when I return). Isn't that just the nicest offer?? Sharon knows that I am required to take a minimum amount of dolls and taking small dolls is a plus since shipping is going to be SOOO high so before she even lays a hug on her little one, she is waiting~again~for her new baby. I have NO intention or desire to sell this sweet girl in Dubai. She's going to come home to her mommy :) Thank you Sharon for your kindness!

In other news.....

Speaking of Dubai~I have found out that there is a final selection of invited artists but I've been pretty assured that I will be chosen. I jumped the gun in my excitement but an living life as if I am already on the way.

Since I just finished Kristaleta's paint yesterday and since I just put painted hair on the little 10" train conductor I showed off last week or so~I was not able to root on either one last night as the paint needs to cure until tomorrow night. So what is a girl to do with time on her hands???? START ROOTING ANGELICA!!! OHhh... I am so excited to have a started her hair! I might be able to work on her some tonight too~it depends on if we get a movie and I take time off. It IS our Wednesday date night after all! After tonight, I won't be able to pick her back up until Kristaleta is on ebay and the Rowland twins are either done or waiting for paint to cure. I began priming the twins yesterday and will work on paint today.

Today is our "Friday"~the end of our work week. I will root on Kristaleta in the evenings on our days off and Friday, I have a fun-loving Friday Funnies brewing in my mind. See you Friday!



  1. alice5436@aol.comMay 24, 2010 at 10:08 PM

    can you tell me how i can get instructions on using armatures , if i get the kristaleta ki. thanks

  2. When I really put Kristaleta together, I will see if I can post pics here on the blog. Basically, you slip it down into the torso of the body, poke the "arms" and "legs" out the arm and leg holes and slide the armature into the vinyl parts.
    NOTE: Laura Tuzio Ross realized that the armature needed for Kristaleta is the 27-28" one NOT the 28-30" one. That is why I had to adjust mine. I will be updating the blog and ordering a new one.