Friday, May 21, 2010

TODAY is Friday?!?!?!?! LOL~who knew??

Looks like the "Friday Funnies" are on me today! I woke up yesterday thinking that YESTERDAY was Friday so I posted my little Friday Funnies/Friday Cuties yesterday! (And aren't they just oh-so-cute??? So if you skipped checking the blog yesterday (because I said I wouldn't be back until Friday) and dropped in today looking for Friday Funnies~check yesterday's blog.

Oh dear. LOL

Well while I a here, I want to share this Kristaleta Prototype reborned by Sylvia Jantzen that is on ebay in the Germany. She is just adorable and I LOVE her hair!

~Sylvia's Kristaleta~

I started rooting mine last night. It's going fine but my...she has a BIG head!

Happy FRIDAY!!

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