Saturday, May 15, 2010

Breaking news.....Invited to Dubai!!!!

Wow it's been a thrilling few days here! I have been invited to the Doll Art and Doll Houses Exhibition in Dubai~located on the southern shore of the Arabian Gulf!

~Pictures of Dubai~

Just 15 doll artists have been invited and it's so shocking to me that I am one of them!!!

This Exhibition is two weeks long, running from June 26-July 10, just 6 weeks away! Oh my heavens!

So my focus will be on getting the remaining three prototypes completed and packing for Dubai. (Jayden is finished and heading to ebay Sunday night). I will be taking prototype Noah to Dubai and working on him during the Exhibition as they desire that doll art be in action on the show floor. That should be interesting! LOL

My custom orders will still get finished~currently I only have two that are paid for so the scheduling is running very smooth.

I do have dolls available for this show, and I will borrow some already adopted show to meet the quota of 20 dolls. I am permitted to have dolls for sale AND display only dolls. So all dolls that were listed for sale on my website are now not available for sale.

My traveling assistant and dear, dear friend will be accompanying me on this trip. This is my first time out of my country which is very exciting and a bit intimidating for me!

Did I mention that I am blessed???



  1. WOOOOOW! That's amazing! Congrats, Debbie! You deserve this, and this should definitely encourage you a bit after the recent let-downs, huh?

    Hmm, why do I have the strong urge to say 'told you so'.... ;-)


  2. Wow Debbie! How exciting! I understand that Dubai is beautiful. You will have to take plenty of pics!!

  3. OMG! that is awesome news Debbie! CONGRATS! And it doesn't surprise me a bit that you are on of the artists that they have invited! < doing the happy dance for you!>

  4. Oh my goodness ladies thank you!!! I need pulled down from the clouds and YES NINA! You did tell me and the "I told you so" is accepted :)

  5. Huge congratulations to my self appointed dolly mentor! I'll be praying for your safety and smooth travels...get your passport right away!

  6. We have also been selected to go to Dubai and we too are floating! Look forwrad to seeing you at the event ;o) Your dolls are beautiful xx

  7. Hi Debbie,
    I'm coming to Dubai, too. That will be fun! Don't be afraid. Dubai is beautiful just a bit hot, though at this time of year.
    But I have no time now to chat... have to make more dolls ... just 4 weeks left ... lol.