Thursday, May 20, 2010

The things my husband puts up with~A tribute to Calvin

Awe! Aren't they cute??
I am certain that moments like these were NOT what my dear husband, Calvin, signed up for/bargained for when he took my hand in marriage back in 1998.

I did not find my gift/art until 2005.....after that, life totally changed!

Now an average day will find me on the computer for several hours networking my business, having some down time with friends or helping other artists. It will find eyeless and partially rooted doll heads on the end table in the living room~yes, with goat hair floating about. It will find me rooting heads late into the night...sometimes with a movie or the TV on, sometimes just in quiet. It will find boxes of poop-laden goat hair piled in the living room waiting their turn to be combed. It will find a pot of smelly acid dye and simmering mohair on the kitchen stove or a sink full of yucky bubbly water as mohair was just washed. It will find arms, legs and heads in the oven filling the house with another uhmmmm...unique aroma, you just never know what's for dinner around here! A day can find me at my painting table for many intense hours in the nursery....or standing next to the photography crib in the late afternoon and into the evening taking pictures of a completed "baby"...and then back on the computer until late in the night as I excitedly view and resize the pictures I just spent hours taking. Some days will find my dear husband driving me well out of our way as we visit the city to find that perfect outfit or that particular brand of onsie. Not a store visit goes by that I don't drag him into the baby section and sometimes down the toy section to find stuffed animals and to look at the manufactured dolls just because I love dolls. He's been known to buy me a doll or two from the toy section upon my request. What a guy! All visits away from home mean that a dolly tags along. What kind of man will share his hotel room with his wife...and a doll? Or his bed at home with a dog when he has a perfectly good wife right there in the same house? My man. That's who. Today my hat goes off and my heart goes out to Calvin, my husband, my hero. For his patience as I chase my passions, for his never ending support in all aspects of this sometimes very wild and unpredictable journey I am on, for his prayers and for his understanding of all of those nights he spends with the dog. I could not do what I am doing today without him and I would not be where I am today without him.
Thank you Calvin! I love you and appreciate you so very much!


  1. Aw, this was so sweet to read. Now that is a man who adores his wife! He's a keeper, Debbie! ;)

  2. are blessed. (Betcha he thinks he is too!)