Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One of my 2006 reborns get's new limbs

This is baby Emily. I created her in March of 2006 for a wonderful friend of mine.

Emily was created using her original 1/4 vinyl limbs and a white eyelet body so that she could still wear dresses. But my friend decided that she would finally like full limbs for her.

This task was a slight challenging as I do not paint like I used to (very plain!) and, Emily was originally painted with Scuola Oil paints. Now I LOVED the Scuola paints when I used them and I still have them here but what I do not have is room to place parts to cure as oil paints take quite a time to cure. So I opted to use my LDC paints on her limbs. Oh how I wanted to paint them how I paint today and I had to keep reminding myself not too and overall, I am very happy with the results of Emily's new limbs...and I get to mark a custom order off the list. I am very much a "mark it off the list" type person!

Here is the little sweetheart now with her new "show-em-off" limbs

And here she is back again with her very happy "mommy". (sorry, bad lighting!)

Awe life is good...and I get to mark something off the list! LOL


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  1. She turned out wonderfully!! Well done and I can tell; one happy mama!