Monday, May 24, 2010

Capri back on eBay and doing so well!

What an exciting 12 hours around here!

Jayden's auction ended so very well and he is going home to the UK soon. I've lost track how many babies I have in the UK but I think it's about 6.

I relisted Capri since I do not have Kristaleta done yet and don't want to fizzle out in the sea of forgetfulness on eBay. Exposure on eBay is everything to a reborn artist.

Please put her on your watch even if you do not intend to bid~that will keep her in clear view on eBay for other buyers :)

~Capri's Auction~

Oh my goodness! I just looked and she's already met reserve! Whoooo-Hooooo~doing the happy dance! She is such a beautiful baby and worthy of a good mommy.

In other news...

Working up some mohair this week. My wrists are killing be between working the mohair and rooting Kristaleta. She has a big head but she's sooo cute!

Also am painting on Cathy Rowland's Leah and Logan prototypes.

Busy busy busy!


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