Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Using acid dyes vs human hair dyes to color mohair

There have been several posts on the forums I belong to lately about bleeding mohair.
I've seen bleeding mohair before and recently, faded mohair.

This discrepancy comes from using human hair dyes to color mohair instead of acid dyes made for mohair fibers. (I will note that some mohair processors have said that if you heat the hair that is dyed with human hair dye that the dye will set but I've never tried it myself.)

If human hair dye bleeds into your vinyl, it is very difficult to get it of as it is a dye and does stain. As far as staining the hair for a long period of time, well, it does not. Just like your own hair, human hair dye fades and diminishes over time~that is why you have to redye your hair. I am not sure if the dye would fade off of the vinyl over time.

I had the babies down at the gallery for 2 months in the window display. Most of the babies down there were babies that I made for myself and are in my personal collection. One of the babies, Beata, is a baby that I made using hair that was dyed with human hair dye. (When I first began coloring angora hair, I did use human hair dye until I learned the facts). She was in the light for many hours a day, laying on her back. The front of her hair is now very faded where the back is not. None of the other babies hair faded (Nor did the paints for those who wonder about the lasting effects of LDC and Genesis paints) as they were either dyed with acid dyes or tea. Tea is an acid and the hair is cooked in it so of course it will hold.

Buyers of angora mohair that is processed for dolls should ask the seller what the process is for dying the hair. I have this information on my WEBSITE and am always available to answer questions.

Just thinking about processed mohair today!


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