Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Angelica's photo shoot!

Aren't they just precious together? I am not sure that I mentioned that when Angelica went home, she would be joining her little sister, Arianna. Both girls have kept their given names by exceptional sculpting artist, Reva Schick.

The picture below is of this precious girl in her special room in her new home.

The rest of these photos are taken at my home:

More pictures are available on my WEBSITE.

I simply MUST make an Angelica for me as I have deeply loved both of the ones I've done!

Hugs for the day!


  1. Would you ever consider doing another custom of her? If so what would you charge? She is my dream doll. Thanks. Teresa

    1. Hello Teresa,
      I am so sorry but I simply cannot do custom orders any more.
      Maybe some day I'll make another one and make her available on eBay but at this time, I do not see that happening any time soon.
      I am so sorry.