Tuesday, August 16, 2011

6-9 month old WIP for Portland show

Isn't she cute? This is a mix and match baby that I've been wanting to reborn for so very long!
I've used a very rare and hard to find 22" Berenguer Lot's to Cuddle head paired with Reva Schick "Melina" limbs.

I've painted her rather rich to help match the different vinyls. She will have dark brown eyes and dark brown hair~not the blue eyes seen here. Her brown eyes are en route to the nursery.

This little darling is wearing a size 6-9 month dress. She's not quite a toddler as I have been calling her but she is an armful!

Today I will start an ethnic baby and will root this chubby girl at night as soon as I am done rooting a mini for the show.

Prototype "Sweet and Sassy" should arrive back to the nursery this week with her new, custom body so I'll have to get to work on her once she arrives.

Dolly Hugs!

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