Monday, August 1, 2011

All girls and horses camp out 2011

Yup, that is what an all girls and horses camp looks like...just trucks, trailers, 4-wheelers, horses and a might load of Iron (guns)! Whooo! It was an awesome weekend!

Wonderful moments were spent by the campfire just chatting and doing, well, NOTHING! Ahhhhhhhh....

These are my friends Daiya and Sherri:
Matthew was the only boy slipped into the group (well except for a few male horses!) and he had a delightful time with all his horse loving Aunties. However, we didn't take many pictures of him...

Because you see, we were on a mission. Look at this awesome picture! Does it get any better than this? I am not in this picture as I am taking this one. I have to wait until one of my friends sends me hers with me in the group.
From L-R are Sherri, Debbie (another Debbie, not me), Bobbie, Kate, Daiya and Stacy.

THIS was our mission....


This is a group of stallions we had been following all day. That big black one in the back stole my heart! He was so big and gorgeous!
We had a wonderful time riding miles and miles on our steeds.
We came upon this rock so everyone got a nice picture taken on it. Here I am with my wonderful 29 1/2 yr old gelding, Toby:

I am delighted to report that my old boy had been on vet directed "bed rest" for over a year due to a torn ligament and he is 110% fully healed! (He also had a pretty rough winter last year and lost a lot of weight. With some extra care and supplements, he has put his weight back on very nicely) This was our first real ride out and he was strong, healthy and full of energy. I could not be more pleased!

I'm only home now until we leave again on Thursday for a family relay race event. In the meantime, Angelica's eyes are here and I've got some other dolly projects to finish and start.

Off I go!


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