Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Busiest time of the year~Taking time off

As much as I am TRYING to "work", it's be so difficult so I've come to the realization that I simply MUST just take some time off from the nursery and the blog~for the most part.

With two major family events that begin tomorrow through August 13th, my time in the nursery will be limited. There is much going on in there though!

Angelica will be assembled and photographed this morning, and will make the trip to her new home on Tuesday the 9th. While she waits to go home, later today I will take her down to the Gallery to be on display through the weekend.

I had to replace a set of limbs for a custom doll that I made last year. They are finished and that baby will be traveling back to her mommy next week. (The limbs were old Berenguer limbs and as some of us have seen, sometimes those Berenguer dolls/parts can do very odd things, like turn orange or yellow and in this case, the vinyl just broke down becoming sticky and causing the paint to break up and change colors).

I'm half way done rooting a custom order Dimples~she is looking SO cute!

I've got two little babies ready for hair rooting who will be going to the fall shows and I began paint on a toddler baby for the fall shows.

So, I am leaving tomorrow for my family's participation in the Cascade Lakes Relay race. On Monday, we'll bring family home with us and prepare for my youngest step daughters wedding! I'm making the cake so that will be fun. I might have a moment or two for myself which I'll post a picture or two of the newest babies being born.

Until then, take care and enjoy the first part of August!

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