Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Little check in/status report

Hello everyone!
I've a moment to check in and tell you what has been going on.
First, Angelica has found her way home! Look at her in her beautiful Victorian room!
Her new Mommy (and Daddy) are thrilled with her :)

Prototype Sweet and Sassy has arrived...again! She arrived about 6 weeks ago but there was an issue with her arms and the new ones are GREAT! I've sent her off to have a body custom made by Spearson Doll Bodies, in the meantime, when I can, I'll work on the toddler for the fall shows.

We had a great several days with family and friends as they competed in the Cascade Lakes Relay~just a simple little 216.6 mile relay race! UGH! It was a hard race for most of the runners who competed and we are so proud of our 12 man team for completing...and not even last :)

Tomorrow will find me baking a wedding cake for my youngest step-daughter who is getting married on Saturday. Family is here with us now and we've been having some good times.

Hugs until later!

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