Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Old RDK Aurora kit~WIP

I've had this kit for a while now and decided to finally paint her up. She is a tiny little thing, manufactured by RDK~that horrible company that finally got shut down.

One thing that was consistent with RDK kits were that they kits were SO PINK! I dislike fighting with pink vinyl so much that I normally just turn them into ethnic babies, which is what I am doing with Aurora.

I'm barely begun and she's mighty shiny (I am using Genesis paints to start her out~I'll matte varnish her then finish her with LDC paints for a beautiful finish to her skin) but I am falling in love with this little one! I think she will be around 16 inches long.

I will continue work on her today as well as process some hair for the chubby 9 month old. I might even finish a tiny head that I'm rooting for the Portland show. Whooo~progress!

I will admit though that I really need some time to do nothing. I "took some time off" last week but that time off was filled with things that I had to "DO". There is not a whole lot I can do about this strong desire to "do nothing" as it's just not realistic. There are always dishes, cooking, laundry, cleaning, shopping, bills, appointments, animal care and all the little tasks of daily living~piled right on top of trying to run a reputable business and help other people out.

However, I am taking off tomorrow after noon to go for an overnight visit with my mom and then for two nights with my son, daughter in law (who is carrying my first grandson!) and both of my darling grand girls. Other than playing with the girls, I don't think I will have to "do" a whole lot of anything. This might just refresh me.

I'll "see" you again on Monday or Tuesday! (well, I might post a progress picture of Aurora tomorrow morning if I have time.)

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