Thursday, August 18, 2011

Aurora WIP day 2 progress

Aurora is gaining some depth and richness to her tone. I've applied the matte varnish and am ready to move onto finishing her with LDC paints. Did I ever mention that I love LDC paints?!?!
I just have not totally mastered the color mixing for ethnic babies so for now, until I really have time to "play", I start out the tones with Genesis paints which frustrate me! Ahhh...LDC, here I come :)

But little Aurora will have to be set aside for a bit as Sweet and Sassy, Prototype #3 will be back in the nursery today. I'm not working today and I'm taking Sunday off and I'll be at the Gallery on Monday so I won't get to start S&S until Tuesday.

And, I'm feeling better less stressed today. I knew it would pass~it's just the worse case of feeling overwhelmed that I've had in a long time. I'll be traveling today to spend time with my mom, kids and grand kids. I've not seen most of them since March so I'm excited!

Hugs until Monday or Tuesday!

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