Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Productful day yesterday!

I feel bad that I've not had time for tutorials and overly interesting items to blog about, but I can tell you how my days are! (Thrilling, right?)

Yesterday was a very productive day. I worked on my website some, washed and colored about 5 ounces of mohair, prepped and matte varnished my Sweet and Sassy prototype kit, glued in several sets of eyes for not only my own reborn dolls but also for a manufactured doll that I am changing the eyes on for one of my customers. I applied several sets of lashes and glossed eyes, lips and noses. I even finished rooting the hair on that little 12" Stephanie Sullivan sculpt I am making for the Portland show! Wow, it took me over 12 hours to root that tiny little head and about an hour to trim her hair just right.

Today will find me finishing up that colored mohair and beginning paint on Sweet and Sassy. I really love her spirited face!

And I get to get my own hair cut! Whooo!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

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