Monday, August 29, 2011

Makin' MANY babies/sleep deprived!

Well....babies and sleep deprivation go together, right??
Maybe it is the upcoming show, the fact that I really wanted to get the sweet Dimples "Simple Treasures" baby headed to her new home or the fact that I began work on the Sweet and Sassy prototype...but the night before last, I just could not sleep! So, I got out of bed and made babies!

Dimples is a custom order "Simple Treasures" line baby who is headed home today. I'll post more about her later and also comparison pics between my Master Artist Series and Simple Treasures Series lines.

Isn't Dimples just so sweet??

Little miss Katharine (Sullivan Quad) is ready for her assemble and headed to the Portland Show this Saturday! Oh I love this little one! Click on her picture to see it big~she has the sweetest eyes!

This little 5" all vinyl Berenguer is almost ready for the show too! She needs her lashes and gloss:

She will have a lemon yellow dress set along with this little set. I am thinking of calling her Sweetee~pronounced "Sweet Tea" with accent on the SWEET! I love making these little dollies.

And look who is a work in progress! It's Sweet and Sassy! I am IN LOVE!

Look at that little scrunched up nose! She is such a STINKER!

I've a lot of work to do on her yet but I am hoping that I can get her painted and put on her body to take to the show, just to show off this darling kit by Dee Stastny. She won't have her hair yet, I'll just put a big bow on her head~LOL

I've got the big Berenguer, Lisa, rooted about 1/2 way. I think I am in line with my goal of finishing her hair tomorrow night before bed.

Since I'll be at the Gallery today, I'll be working on mohair!

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