Sunday, August 28, 2011

Started rooting the big Berenguer head!

I feel like I got a lot done on her last night but oh my do I have a long ways to go! I MUST have her rooted by Tuesday night so that I can finish her lashes and glosses in time for all to air out and be dry for the show on Saturday. Wish me luck! I'll be painting on Sweet and Sassy in the day and rooting at night.

As you can see, she has her brown eyes now :) And I've named her Lisa.

The little 5" mini is rooted and waiting final assembly and lashes. With these little all vinyl darlings, one must put the head on first before giving them lashes and gloss as it takes a lot of pressure to get the head on and one might pop the gloss out.

Tomorrow I will share updates on Sweet and Sassy!

And then the final pictures on the Simple Treasures Dimples will come sometime soon as well as the pics of Katharine (Sullivan~I am keeping her given name) and the 5". I can't guarantee any of this will happen before the show as I am running out of time. Tomorrow is my day at the Gallery and it's time to take down the window display which will prepare me even further for the show.


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