Friday, December 31, 2010

Sharing my collection Friday~Giovanni's present

Did I ever tell you that I have THE best friends?
One of my dear customer-turned-friends sent this exquisite Hartstrings, 3 piece, baseball-themed outfit to me/Giovanni for Christmas (yes, Mommy got her own special gift too~a Starbucks gift card :)

I just love it!

See, when I adopted Giovanni from Laura Tuzio Ross at my first IDEX show in 2007, he was dressed in a simple side-snap T and a diaper. Laura dressed him in a baseball themed Carter's sleeper just before she handed him over to me. THAT began his life long theme~baseball! I love baseball anyway so it was a natural fit. And his aunties are so great to keep him supplied in so many darling baseball-themed outfits. What a spoiled kid he is....and a spoiled Mommy I am!

I am blessed.


Wow!!! Tomorrow is New Years Day 2011! Ohhhh....I can't hardly wait to do the drawing! But I am pretty sure that I won't be staying up tonight to bring in the new year so I'll have my dear husband help me in the morning. I have 22 names in the pot~Good luck ladies!


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