Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 End of the Year "Stats"

Wow I wish I had just a wee bit more time to review 2010 as it was an AWESOME year!
I am just going to throw out some end of the year stats, more for me to reflect upon I guess but thought that some might find the topic interesting.

In 2010, I created 30 reborn dolls. Of those 30 dolls:
13 were prototypes
7 were show dolls
4 were custom reborns
2 were custom "Budget Babies"
1 was a special request by a sculpting artist
1 was created because I wanted to create her (Angelica)
1 was created for me as my IDEX travel baby
1 was created as a gift (not a budget baby)

Five 2010 babies were not adopted and one 2009 baby made last December was not adopted

My highest sale was $2000 for Angelica (now Kendall)
My lowest sale was $243 for a 10" custom reborn
My average sale was $692.75
My total dolls sales were 15,933.38
I've not done my tax information or paid my taxes yet so I do not have a total of my expenses for 2010

The highlights of my year were showing at teaching at IDEX for the first time, showing and teaching at EXPO for the first time, working for amazing sculpting artists that I admire SO much (wow I still have to pinch myself over that!!!), being invited to Dubai, Saudie Arabia to show (that show was canceled but again...PINCH!) and having many wonderful moments with my collector-turned-friends.

I would say that 2010 was an amazing year and I just can't be more blessed. Thank you to all of my collectors, my "co-workers" in the business, my friends and my loving family who make it all possible.

I am more than excited about what 2011 will bring!

And...just two more days until the TNGUN New Years Drawing! That is the FIRST exciting thing!

God bless you all!


  1. Congrats on a profitable year!!
    Happy New Year Debbie

  2. Wow, that's really interesting. It's sort of an eye opener to have it all laid out like that. I would have thought you sold quite a bit more dolls than that. You are a very talented artist. I'm just glad there are people like you out there that really care about this art form that means a lot to me. Thanks for everything you do! Maybe some day I will have one of your babies.

  3. Thanks Janene. I'm pretty happy with how many I sold as it was a pretty good ratio with little inventory left over :) If I could just get one done every 10 days, I'd sell more I'm sure but I just can't do it. I work full time at it (and beyond!) but it just takes me such a long time to complete one. Now for paying those taxes....ugh! LOL
    Hey I have good news for you! The details are still being planned out but I am going to do a "blog followers" drawing on New Years Day 2012. Maybe you will win!
    Have a great day!