Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Many thoughts for the end of the year

My mind is cluttered with many thoughts of the ending of 2010 and the coming of 2011. Does TNGUN need to change?

Dimples did not meet her reserve on auction last night. I have many mixed emotions over that. Her resting bid was $640. Many would be excited with that ending price but I just cannot give her up for that. I worked entirely too hard on her. Is my attitude wrong? I don't know, but I feel there is a reason that I can't let her go.

I will be taking her to IDEX with me. I always take at least one doll I have made and one from my personal collection. I will be so proud to have her accompany me. THAT is a great feeling!

In the mean-time, do I need to go back to the "Basic" (budget) reborns for a spell, until the economy picks up? It almost pains me to think of doing that. This means that the dolls will not have the texture I've become so good at applying. It means that they would not have the amount of depth, tone and details that TNGUN is known for. It means the hair would be rooted quicker and with a larger needle. Oh that pains me! My passion is life-like reborns, not just cute dolls.

However, all of this saves me time and my customers money and maybe that is what they want.

Of course I cannot take a prototype kit and make it a "basic" (budget) baby. They have to be of my "Master Artist Series" quality and I do still have a line up of prototypes and may come home from IDEX with more.

I am leaning on the Lord for guidance and provision.



  1. Debbie,
    I don't know why Dimples didn't meet reserve but I do have a few thoughts on the matter. I have a new laptop computer (a nice more expensive HP), and her coloring was very red with purples pretty visible on her face. I don't know if it's just the camera lighting, but all her photos seemed to bring out a large amount of red and purple to her face. I've seen your other auctions and haven't noticed that before. I realize that every monitor is different, but as a photographer myself, I bought a computer with the most accurate depiction of colors I could find, one with the best reviews. I'm sorry she didn't sell, but as you put it, you didn't really want to see her go anyway. Maybe this is a sign that you should just adopt her yourself. Would that be so terrible? LOL!

  2. Thank you Janene for the feeback~I really appreciate that and would LOVE to hear others comments on the matter. Anyone?
    Although I did make Dimples with a richer, blushier tone, she looks very natural in person and on my monitor (I have a 17" Mac) so I really would love feedback from more people. I do have to drop down the wattage on my umbrella bulbs as they are magnifying the reds a bit much if I have the lights too close. Using the new setup and camera has been a learning experience!
    Nope, not terrible at all that I am adopting her. Now just for some time to play :) Thanks again for your feeback! Hugs and Happy New Year XXOO

  3. Please get off your high HORSE! All reborners well most of them work very hard on there reborns and spend a lot of money. This art is that art and people do it out of LOVE. I understand that maybe you feel that she is worth more to you than offered but the reality is that the public does not see it that way. Let's take the woman that sit's for hours and knits a blanket . It takes her months to do this blanket. When she is done she is offer $10.00 but still she is happy. Do you know why? It's the LOVE of doing it. It's the happiest that it brings her. The joy that she has made something with her own hands. I think you should that a good look at why you do this art is it for the money or the love to say that, I will be making BASIC BABIES. What's that about. I know when I make my Babies I don't stop until they are perfect. If this means that it take's a lot of money well so be it, to say that I would not do this art to the best of my ability doesn't make any sense. To throw something together just to make a sale. I think you have gotten lost in the fame. Take a good look at yourself. Why do I do this if it's for the money than your in the wrong business. I'm so sorry I had to write this it's not like me but. I just don't want you to lose who you are! Truly a FRIEND

  4. I went back and looked at your auction again and I thought the colors looked fine. She is more "blushy" than I usually see you do but I didn't think it looked unnatural or anything. (I have a Mac too ... and I make sure the color is calibrated every year.) I think your pics have improved since you got the new camera and it's a lot easier to see the color variation in your skin now. The hair on this one and NickyJack is gorgeous. I know it's taking you a lot longer but it's definitely worth it. My only drawback with this doll is the sculpt. It's very cute. But it's more cutesy doll than realistic baby to me. But that's just my preference...I know there's lots of people that want cute.
    I say if you like her that much keep her till somebody pays what you want. :-) (I call it the parting rate. The more I like a doll the more money I need to be willing to part with it. This rate ranges between "donate it" and "not for all the money in the world".)
    Hope you have a happy new year, Debbie!

  5. Anonymous, I don't think you understand about what my "Budget Babies" are. They are not thrown together in any way, are still beautiful, wonderful feeling dolls, I adore them through the process, put my whole heart into them and the only reason I would cut back is because my artist babies are out of reach for the average collector these days, due to the economy. I have heard my customers cry and it's up to me to oblige them. As far as Dimples is concerned, I DO have a high reserve set on her. I adore that doll and cringe at the thought of parting with her and simply cannot do it for less than that reserve. This is the tragedy of who I am...a reborn artist AND a collector. And that is just fine if the public does not see her value as I do. I was sad at first but as the days go on, I am more and more excited about having her in my own personal collection.
    I do not mind spending what it takes to create a beautiful and realistic reborn~just ask my accountant (me! LOL) and my husband who is paying off the HUGE debt I created over the first 4 yrs of my business as I learned and invested. I certainly am NOT in this for the money, I think my dolls quality prove that, however, I do have monthly financial obligations to meet, just like any business would. If I do not meet it, it's back to the work force for me. It's that simple. I would have a whole lot more money if I just went back to work outside my home...oh think of the dolls I could collect then!
    I've traveled more this year than ever and those trips to teach, to show and to give special care to my collectors are not paid for by anything but this business. I love teaching. I love showing. I love meeting with my collectors at their homes. I love creating life-like reborn dolls. But the fact is, I won't be able to any of it without the funds to support it.
    Please don't worry, I don't think there is a risk of loosing who I am. In who I am, I must too be wise through these tough financial times. Many hugs and Happy New Year!

  6. Thank you Matty for commenting! I did make Dimples "blushier" than my other dolls. It just fit her :)
    I like your term "parting rate"~that is excellent! LOL Many days I wish I did not love dolls the way I do, then dolls like Dimples would not pull my heart strings. But then again, I think I need the love of the dolls in order to do what I do. What a complex life I live!
    Dimples sure is more cutesy and really, she reminds me a bit of a Berenguer doll...which makes me love her all the more I think! I can't wait to see other reflections of her when the kits come out. It will be in interesting comparison, don't you think?
    Thanks for your comments and have a Happy New Year! Hugs!

  7. Matty, I should explain that the Dimples KIT did not look like a Berenguer when I started on her. Just the way her personality formed through the process that is what this one, the one I made, reminds me of. I just love her!

    Also, Anonymous, the blog was warning me of too many words (really??? ME??? LOL) and I did not properly thank you for your comments and insight to the question I raised. So...thank you! I DO appreciate it!

    Cheers Ladies!

  8. Debbie, The comment from Anonymous prompted me to write. I'm sure she intended no disrespect nor do I to her. This is simply my opinion. I have been an artist all my life & I endeavor to make a living as an artist. We all know that is never easy. When times are tough if people can't eat, wear, drive it or live in it they don't HAVE to have it. When I first "made it big" (not as a reborner) a friend of mine decided that she needed to let me know what a sell out I was for wanting to make money from my work. That struck me as so absurd. For heaven's sake that was what I had striven for my entire life. An artist is never as happy as when we are being validated by others...yes we LOVE our work, we have to create, heck we HAVE to create, but that only fills one need. We need to know that others value what we do & one way that happens is for our work to sell. As an artist I am never happier than when my work is selling & I can make a living from my talent. Producing whatever work we decide to do is wonderful but loving doing it does not pay our bills. Farmers may love growing vegetables but they have to sell them or how are they to live? I do agree you have to love reborning to do it. We put so much of ourselves into bringing these dolls to life. However, if you wish to be a professional instead of a hobbyist you have to look to getting what your work is worth. I'm trying to build to that point. God help me I hope I can get there. As mentioned this is not a cheap pass time, hobby or otherwise. I admire you Debbie. You know your worth. You are willing to ask for a decent price for your work & not accept less. I think part of the problem in the reborn community is our willingness to accept less simply to keep going. You are fortunate that you are not in that situation & can afford to name your price. God bless you & keep producing babies for every budget.
    Now will somebody help me down off my soap box... I'm getting dizzy up here?

  9. Debbie,

    Dimples is a beautiful doll that will appeal to the most discerning collector. She is very special and worth the price you wish to charge. For now you can be her "Mommy" until the right one comes along.

    As to the budget dolls: Perhaps that's the way to go for the moment. I am sure your budget dolls are far superior than almost any other and they would be considered luxury models by most.

    Hang in there as I know someone as gifted as you are will see better things ahead.


  10. Thank you for your support MA! I love your term "luxury models" just strikes me! I am actually thinking of having a blog contest to select descriptive titles for the different levels of my reborns. I will post the details once I have them all laid out. Thank you for spurring me onto this! Happy New Year with hugs!

  11. Awe Kate, bless your heart. You just stay on your soap box as long as you want!

    You know, I was thinking the other day. I love decorating cakes. I've decorated cakes for 27 yrs now, with two years in a retail store. The rest has been solo as my own "business". (I no longer do many cakes but all the skill is still within me.) I guess even back then, when I worked in the retail store (Safeway), my attitude was wrong. When my boss brought my check to me every other week, I should have just said, "Oh no Boss. I cannot accept what you are paying me for my cake decorating skills because I just LOVE decorating cakes." Sounds absurd eh? Yes, I thought so. Just as absurd as not only Anonymous' statement is but also some other reborn artists' statements on another forum that I've come across since this blog post.

    Thank you for your insight. God bless you in the year 2011. Many hugs~