Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Final TNGUN 2010 baby listed on eBay

Oh wow! I can't believe I got up the courage to list her!
This baby completely stole my heart, like none other EVER have!
Then I got excited about the joy that someone else might get from her so I was able to list her.

~Dimples on Ebay~

GREAT swirly crown...the best I've done to date:

CUTE chubby body!

Amazing outfit:

And just as sweet as can be! Oh, I just love her!

And now I am on Christmas break! Whooo! I'm baking cookies and wrapping presents today and our first batch of kids arrive late tonight. I am VERY excited!

I'll post a Merry Christmas greeting tomorrow and then I'll be off for a few days enjoying my family.

Many hugs!

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