Monday, December 20, 2010

Please buyers, research your sellers

The topic of the last week has been the seller, Jenny Gannon that I told you about last week when I shared a post from Doll Fan (that is no longer up due to time limits).

There was another post on Doll Fan where one lady came forward and shared pictures via a friend of a doll she bought from Jenny Gannon.
That post too has extended the time limits.  I should have saved the pictures and text!

It's been questioned whether Jenny Gannon has mental problems. I don't have an opinion on that subject as it does not matter if she is or is not. The purpose of my posts on the subject is to get the buyers to really take the time and "investigate" the sellers they are considering buying from. A general search of the seller's name and nursery name will bring up many entries on that person/business.

For instance, here is a search under Debbie Henshaw.

And They Never Grow Up Nursery.

And since many know me as TNGUN a general search of that is useful as well.

Now of course, there will be many entries that are not mine/me but I think the average person can weed through what probably does not pertain to me and my dolls.

So buyers, please, be informed, be aware and take time to know exactly what you are buying. Ask for many CLEAR pictures of the doll you are buying and once you get those pictures, right click on the picture to get the "page source" and it will tell you who those pictures belong to.


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