Friday, June 4, 2010

Kristaleta on eBay and let's talk armature

I am so proud and excited with all of the positive attention that Kristaleta is getting on eBay! I've gotten so many comments and emails regarding her~it's simply thrilling and has me hanging on cloud 9!

~Kristaleta's Auction~

Laura Tuzio Ross tells me that the kits should arrive to her on Tuesday~how exciting for the reborn artist!! Many of you will want to get an armature for her so that she stands and moves better. Again, it's the 27-28" armature from Kemper Dolls:

~Kemper Dolls Armatures~

I have taken pictures while I put her together and I will post a tutorial next week in time for the kits to arrive to artists. (I am seriously too tired to do it today and I have other pressures but I promise it will go up~and some time I will put up the post about dying mohair that I said I would do weeks ago!! I didn't forget, there are just too many other things going on)

Alright~have a fabulous Friday! It's raining here again. It does not do that much in my part of the state but it's been doing it all spring this year.


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  1. She is darling and the armature really sets her apart!!