Sunday, April 18, 2010

Interview with

Wow! I was so delighted to see that the interview I did with was up on the website! James did such a fantastic job putting the interview together and I am so honored to be interviewed :) Interview~ and Colliii TV are top notch doll enthusiast information sites in Germany. Every year, they hold the world wide Colliii Awards. Their site is a great site~be sure to take a look around while you are there reading the interview.

***************Nursery Notes*****************

Prototype Jayden, by Natalie Scholl is on the way to her in Canada. I should have one of the prototypes in about a week.

Prototypes Leah and Logan, by Cathy Rowland are to be shipped to the US this week. All three of these babies may end up here at the same time! IKES! LOL Oh well, I work pretty well under pressure.

I've ordered some amazing outfits for Leah and Logan from Piccolissimo Baby which I am very excited about! Not fully sure just yet how I am going to outfit Jayden.

Prototypes Chicklet and Zinny, by Marita Winters and Kristaletta, by Laura Tuzio Ross are still in the mold making process but it won't be long before they are on the way to the US. I've got an idea for outfits for Kristaletta~

I have been working on mohair processing any chance I get. I've got 7 ounces combed out and ready for washing/dying. I will end up with about 5 ounces to sell out of that 7 (one of those ounces is already sold) and will post them on Artfire and let everyone know that it is ready.

It is with a sad heart that I must close the custom order list for an undetermined length of time. With 9 orders already on the list, 7 prototypes on the list, 2 fall shows scheduled and big girl Angelica still sitting in the nursery without hair, I simply cannot do justice for my customers by taking on any more orders. From now until I open the list again, my babies can be adopted through my website, eBay, live shows and Artfire.

I'll be working on Prototype Capri today~hoping to finish up her paint. I am sure loving her! She's just so sweet!

Hugs for Sunday!

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