Sunday, February 14, 2010

Chance's new playpen, Mindy's new crib

These are some of my new treasures from IDEX! I purchased both from Sharon Robinson...

First is a wooden Strombecker playpen that I thought would be wonderful for Chance. I had to make a bottom for it. Sharon found this treasure at an antique store over the summer/fall. I cut a piece of cardboard for it. It's just right for Chance.

Sharon's husband made this really awesome crib!

It's perfect for my spoiled little Mindy!

I already had purchased a changing table with drawers (far left) so the addition of the crib with the drawers was a great choice. On the far right of the crib are shelves~just right for storing little bottles and toys.

Mindy looks quite content in her new bed.'s so much fun to get new little treasures. But I think I need a new BIG house! LOL

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!

Hubby and I celebrated over the last three days and today it's back to work.

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  1. We have been celebrating all week!! LOL! That playpen is marvelous!! So is the crib. Drawers come in so handy! I need a bigger house too!