Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Prototype Smorgasbord!

Woweeeee! They have picked ME to do these outstanding prototypes in 2010!
They are not necessarily listed in any particular order of expected delivery but this is my current prototype line up:

Angelica~Reva Schick/Doll Dreams

Chicklet~Marita Winters:

Jayden~Natalie Scholl:

Capri~Jorja Pigott:

Peyton~Jorja Pigott:

Kristaleta Toddler~Laura Tuzio Ross:

Look at her chubby legs!!!

As with any artist, things can change rapidly on how he or she does things. With the line up of custom orders, the prototypes and the live dolls shows for 2010, the only babies that will be available from me on eBay will be the prototypes. Please email me at tngun05@gmail.com if you would like to be on the reborn notification mailing list.

Yesterday was a nutso type of day but I got everything done that I had planned. I worked on Arianna which calmed everything down~ahhhh.....I love reborning! :)


  1. You have a nice selection there Debbie!! woohoo!! I love Marita's babe....adorable!!
    You are going to have some fun!!

  2. Angelica, LTR toddler, Angelica, LTR toddler, Oh my what a quandary!! I like them both!!! Beck

  3. LOvely babies Debbie :D First time I'm visiting your blog

    hugs tiina
    Piccolissimo Baby Boutique 5-22"