Monday, February 8, 2010

A bit overwhelmed!!!

Can I be duplicated??? I just have more to do than I can do on my own! Lack of sleep last night did not help the matter and remnants of this cold neither!

This too shall pass~

I was up last night preparing a requested submission to Discover Dolls Magazine. I was just too excited about it all to sleep! :)

Wee Yawns is going home today! He found a mommy on eBay on Saturday. I am so glad to know that he is joining sister's Sophie and Alix. He will be as loved as they are.

I just need some one to run to the post office for me and to the bank and stop by the store for some supplies...and clean my house and cook dinner....any takers? Hehehehehehe I just want to work in the custom Arianna! Actually, my dear, sweet husband is on the lookout for a house keeper as he knows it is all just too much for me.

If my Fed Ex boxes arrive today from Orlando, I simply am not even going to open them until tonight or first thing in the morning. (well, I might open one and remove Sweet Stuff and Baby Jena...but that's it!)

I took this picture of Baby Abi late yesterday. Sometimes it helps me to focus if I take just a moment to play with one of my dolls. I love this baby!

Alright....I'm off!


  1. Yes you do have a lot to do!! Wish I could give you a hand! Love Abi myself...she is adorable. Best of luck on getting stuff done. Don't over-do!!

  2. know me SueAnn~complain first and then...get 'er done! I went to bed on time and relaxed with many tasks completed. Today will be much less stress. Working on Arianna yesterday was a Godsend. Nothing like reborning to relax me. :)