Friday, September 9, 2011

Sharing my collection Friday~Antique doll dated

Do you remember this little sweetheart that joined my collection in June?

Well, she didn't have a date on her or any markings at all so I took her to the Portland doll show where she was evaluated by an antique doll expert.

She is a JD Kestner bisque and composition baby named Sammy from around 1910.
She was made in Sonnenburg, Germany.
I was told that she is a TRUE antique being 101 years old. I was told that by US customs, a true antique must be 100 yrs old.

Her eyes have weights that should make them close when laid down. There is wax in there helping with the mechanisms and sometimes the wax gets gunky OR someone in her past may have put tissue paper inside her head to hold her eyes stable.

A few years ago, she would have been valued around $600 but due to the economy, her value is $250-300. Does not matter, she is staying here with me.

This little gal is a treasure in my nursery. I call her "Baby".

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