Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Aurora, now Debra paint finished

I struggled and I fought with this PINK vinyl but finally, I have her painted to my satisfaction.

I started her painting process with Genesis paints and odorless thinner. Hmmm, I'm not sure I like that technique. Maybe I'm just used to using the Genesis Thinning Gel~I know that I prefer the texture that I can get with the thinning gel verses the odorless thinner.
When I could not longer attain what I desired with Genesis, I switched over the LDC paints. LDC paints are simply my favorite paints to use.

I've named this darling Aurora kit, Debra after a very sweet friend of mine.

I almost can't wait to give her hair as I think she is going to be really sweet!
But...She will have to wait as I am rooting Sweet and Sassy.

I began work on a new prototype: Melody by Laura Tuzio Ross. I don't think I mentioned that this one would be arriving. She was not scheduled for me but I had time to work her in when Laura asked if I could. She is adorable!

The mohair is back up on ~ARTFIRE~
Be sure to take a peek~I've got chocolate brown kid hair!

Have a great Wednesday!

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