Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Master Artist Series vs Simple Treasures Series

Please welcome "Simple Treasures" baby, Dimples!

Isn't she a beautiful baby??

The above "Dimples" sculpt (by Melissa Palesse) is from my "Simple Treasures Series" line of reborn babies. The "Simple Treasures Series" babies are beautiful pieces of artwork that replicate the dolls that I made in the first few years of my reborn journey. Those dolls were "simple", using much less paint/details and rooting the hair quicker with larger needles. They were, and still are, treasures to the collectors that love them.

When viewing the Dimples above by herself, one would think she is a fully articulated reborn baby doll. When you compare her~A Simple Treasures Series Baby to my Master Artist Series baby below, you can see the difference: (click on the photo's for a larger view with fuller color)

The Master Artist Series (MAS) baby is on the left, the Simple Treasures Series (STS) baby is on the right.

Let's look at the finer details:


I used the same exact clipping and color of mohair on both babies. For the MAS baby, I used a 42g Crown needle and rooted the hair from the ends~mostly. On the STS baby, I used a 38g Ultra needle and rooted the hair from the upper end of the lock but not on the ends.
I spent a lot more time on the crown on the MAS baby than on the STS baby. Both heads are great but side by side, the MAS baby's hair is finer and looks more real.

Finer paint details:

The MAS baby had a lot more time spent on coloring the ends of the fingers and the toes as well as the creases and nail colors.

More attention is spent on the bottoms of the feet and palms of the hands.

Both babies are still so very, very sweet and cuddly!

I balance the weight of both series of babies using the same, high quality products and bodies on both. The dimples on the left is heavier than the one on the right simply because the customer of the Dimples on the right does not like her babies to be as heavy.

I hope you have enjoyed learning about these two lines of They Never Grow Up Nursery babies!



  1. They are both totally adorable Debbie. I can see the differances between them and the MAS one does look more real, but they are both beautiful. I love all your work. Well done to you. XX Rosie