Sunday, July 3, 2011

A visit to the goat farm!

Goats, goats and more goats! I was in hog heaven....or GOAT heaven last Sunday as I stopped by the goat farm for a short visit.

I am glad that I did too as I was able to select which baby kid goats hair I will buy from for the fall clipping. I'll be putting a deposit down on 5 kids, a yearling and sweet ole Lucy.

This is the yearling:

And one of the baby kids. I believe this is Lucy's offspring. Lucy has always had amazing hair, even as a 5 yr old but she has not produced many kids. This year, she gave twin baby kids and I'm claiming both their shearings!

There is Lucy with one of her kids:

Look at that sweet face!

And look! The farm had a late bloomer! This baby kid was just 2 weeks old:

And I've staked claim to this little loves fiber in the fall.

The fall will be here before we know it!



  1. Beautiful examples of mohair for sure!!
    Great photos too!

  2. I love Lucy's hair ... can't wait for these kid hairs.

    Thanks for your dedication Debbie.