Friday, July 1, 2011

Sharing my collection Friday~Is she like me?

I was happily painting along on Sophia Brown the other day while my 8 yr old grand daughter was content in playing with some of my babies behind me. When I got up to stretch, I found many scenarios in the nursery.

Sweet Kami was satisfied sitting on the floor with her binky:

These guys were all just doing various things...mostly leaning! LOL

Janae and Brooke were leaning too but having a grand time in the new antique mini crib:

Sarah was taking a nap...or trying too.....

But Sweet Pickles was tickling Mary Kay and causing too many giggles for Sarah to sleep:

Oh my gosh that last picture is as precious as they get!
Yep, I think my grand daughter is herself a great dolly picture story writer!

I am SO blessed!


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  1. I so enjoy your picture stories Debbie ... keep them coming.