Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Teaching my grand girl to root a doll head!

My grand girl Jena really, REALLY wanted to learn to root a head so I gave her my practice head "Egor" and showed her how. Wow, she has amazed me! She never sits still for anything but here she spent 3+ hours yesterday rooting hair onto poor Egor. (She calls the head Sierra and is not happy that I call it Egor. She does not think it is as ugly as I do!)

LOOK how well she is doing!

I'm starting her out in the old fashioned way and will bring her up to the newer ways as she gets practice. I've talked to her about the newer ways and she does understand what I am talking about as she sees me doing it. As she has progressed, she is doing some of it on her own. She is amazing me by learning from trial and error and for experimenting.

One of the scariest things ever for me to learn was cutting hair. But she is all over it! I love this next picture!!!

Hmmm....I might have to commission her out in the future!


  1. Great Job Jena! You're a Natural!

    Congratulations to you too Debbie!