Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sophia Brown PT arwork done, body too short!

Please pardon the washed out pictures~things have been nuts around my house with no room and no time to set things up correctly for photo's. But you will get the general idea.

I've tweaked Mr. Haku for two days now and am finally very happy with his artwork. I added the painted hair to his hair line and also rooted more "crazy hair" to his right side.

In this next picture, he is asking you NOT to laugh at him...he is having a bad hair day. He says if you had a hair day like this, you would be grumpy too! LOL

So my problem now, besides that his darling organic hat has not arrived is that his body is too short. I love the chest, belly and arm area of the gorgeous body made by Spearson Doll Bodies, but it's just too short in the leg area and he has no movement in his legs. We are working on getting another body for the little guy.

In this next picture, I took his legs out of the body and brought them down further. This makes him look more proportionate.

Here I am showing where the real body ends:

So little Haku will wait around a bit longer before his listing on eBay.

In the meantime, I assure you that I have a lot of other "projects" to keep me occupied!


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