Monday, July 11, 2011

Mid July Gallery Window Display change up

It's really hard to take pictures through a window! Or at least I don't know the settings on the camera to do so but this will give you the general idea. It was time to remove the red, white and blue theme and change things up a bit.

Matthew was put into his best summer Mud Pie outfit and placed back on his horse instead of in the rocking chair. He is one happy cowboy now!

Little Nicky Jack, who is available for adoption felt more comfortable on his tummy:

Matthew and Nicky Jack from inside the window:
I know, I know....sleeping babies don't sit up but we have ALL seen babies fall asleep in their high chairs. Dimples/Sammie was waiting for milk and then drifted off:

Logan, who is available for adoption, is always content just to sleep:

I put up the butterfly mobile, hung a butterfly from the ceiling and placed some big butterflies on the wall. Baby Abi (who I made for myself) and sweet Hillary have the whole crib to themselves!

Hillary likes tummy time too:

From the side window. You really can't see the changing table to the left of the crib where Logan lies due to the glare but passer's by can see him.

Of course Baby Jena is on display strutting her portrait baby likeness:

I do miss having MY babies at home but the time will go by very fast.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!


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