Sunday, July 24, 2011

The body parts are....EVERYWHERE!

Oh my! How did I make such a mess?

I try not to work on too many dolls at once but the pictures show that I certainly DO have a lot of babies in the makings!

Some of these babies are waiting for hair, some of them have limbs curing of the glues that seal them off, and some are getting weighted, like Angelica who takes a couple of hours to weight. I've run into the nursery every moment I have to work a little bit on her legs and I'm happy to report that one and one half legs are weighted! LOL Well, at least the vinyl part of the legs are.

I don't always remember exactly how I did something so I've referred to my own
~Weighting Angelica Tutorial~
and I'm so happy that I had taken the time to write down and take pictures of what I did before.
These big dolls are masterpieces and need the time devoted to them in order to make them move correctly and feel right.

The next 5 weeks, up until the first fall show on Sept. 3 will be very, VERY busy as I try to finish up these babies that you see and create a new baby or two for that first show. Oh yes, and throw in 3 major summer and family events plus one trip to see the youngest grand child.

September and October are my favorite months of the year. They just seem so peaceful and calm after whirlwind summers!

Have a great day!

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