Monday, July 18, 2011

I am a woman and I can change my mind~changed Haku a bit!

I went into the nursery yesterday to add lashes and gloss to Haku and I had a revelation/inspiration to add just a bit of painted hair to his hair line. I could not put a rooting needle to his head but I could put a paint brush to it! I think this gave him just what he needed.

I did a little finalization trimming on his hair and thinned out his bald spot some so that it looked more realistic and "neat". As you can see, he has begun to grow some of his hairs back :)

I think I'll add just a bit of rooted hair to his right side near the wild hair section and just a bit to his sideburn. THEN he will be ready for assembly! This one has been a difficult birth for me~LOL

The hat I ordered for him is not going to arrive in time for his photo shoot. It was just sent out today via UPS which could take a week.

Have a wonderful Monday!

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